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ONLY A FEW LEFT: Maritime Anchor Bracelet! On sale for a limited time. They sell out quickly, so if you want one, hurry and order!

And just because you’re so wonderful, use coupon code ‘TUMBLR’ to get an EXTRA 20% off your ENTIRE order! Buy one now!

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thewookiee-deactivated20140616 said: I love your blog so much. For years I've loved all sorts of anchor things (jewelry, decorations, etc.) and finding other blogs that share my love is just great.

Thank you so much :) Btw, there’s an anchor air freshener at Bath&Body Works right now :) $6.50 and it smells like mango/coconut to me.


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“Anchors Away” wedding invitation from Love vs. Design. Classy without being overdone.

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Gorgeous, who wants for Christmas? :)


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